Thursday, October 15, 2009

ESP Report- Oct. 14/15

Eldorado Star Party Report:

Rick and I arrived a few minutes apart late yesterday afternoon. We are both set
up our 16" Lightbridge telescopes next to each other. Last night the sky was
beautiful. Rick did some Hershel stuff for the Astronomy League and I worked on
getting some Messier Objects done for my Astronomy League award. I bagged about
25 Messier Objects last night detailing what I was seeing using a voice

There are around 100+ telescopes here. We talked to people from all over Texas.
Rick and I are set up next to a guy from San Angelo and a woman from Houston.
Meade Telescopes is here with a tractor trailer full of stuff, ETX-LS, 16"
Lightbridge, PSTs and LX200 16". One of the Meade guys said he was from New Orleans.
I have chatted with many of the people here online and it is nice to now put a
face on a name.

Some other SAAA members are set up across the field in what I have dubbed "Camp
San Antonio". Mike F., Anne, and Yogie. Were there when I went by before sunset.

The first night was good and hopefully the rest will be the same!