Monday, October 19, 2009

Eldorado Star Memories

I spent Wednesday-Saturday last week at the 2009 Eldorado Star Party. This was event fun. I have blogged about it for already so I will not go into too many details. I slept in my Honda Element each night and observed with my 16" Lightbridge. On Saturday morning I packed up and met up with my San Antonio group at Garner State Park for an outreach star party. I spent 4 nights observing 3 at ESP with Rick A. and other members of ESP and one night with my San Antonio Astronomical Association friends and camped one night at Garner State park.

Here are some photos from ESP 2009:
Cheezy Self Portait

Camp Matthew

Celestron First Scope at Eldorado Star Party 2009

Eldorado Star Party


East Telescope Field- Eldorado Star Party 2009

Rick Allnut and Robert Reeves

VW Camper at ESP2009

10" Lightbridge at Eldorado Star Party 2009

Eldorado Star Party 09- Laptop Housing

Nice Dobsonian at Eldorado Star Party

A Dobsonian Tracking Mount

Binocular Chair

Anne and Mike

4" Solar Telescope

Meade Light Switch Telescope

LX200 16" at Meade Booth- Eldorado Star Party 2009

Blackie at ESP2009

Office Lamp with Red Light