Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saying Good Bye to IYA2009

It has been great but as 2010 is right around the corner it is time to say goodbye to the International Year of astronomy 2009. In tribute here is a look at some photos taken at events I attended and also some videos I found on the net about the IYA2009:

Telescope I built as part of a IYA challenge presented on Cloudy Night Forums discussion board. It is a 4" reflector telescope finished Jan. 2009:
Homemade Telescope-  4.5" Telescope-Painted

February 2009- Sidewalk astronomy at Barnes and Noble Bookstore 281/Loop 1604 (San Antonio)
Cell Phone Photo of Sidewalk Astronomy (Feb. 3rd)

Many School Star Parties around San Antonio:
Keith's Truck John and John

Girls Inc. Event March 2009. Huge all day event. Tina ran the PST while I photographed activities.
Girls Inc - Glasses Girls Inc -Mixing a Comet
GirlsInc Coronado PST
Girls Inc. - Smashing Up Dry Ice
Girls Inc- Making a Comet
Girls Inc - Solar Observer

Wednesdays at McAllister Park- Weekly event happening every Wednesday at sunset:
McAllister Park Star Trial- Weekly Star Party at McAllister Park.
San Antonio Astronomical in Panoramic

San Antonio College Astronomy Club/Scobee Planetarium Star Party:
San Antonio College Astronomy Club
SAC Star Party Feb. 2009
Venus in Eyepeice

Hyatt Regency Resort event (June 2009):
Hyatt Regency Resort- San Antonio, TX
Hyatt Star Party- San Antonio Astronomical Assoc.
Hyatt Regency Resort- San Antonio, TX
Hyatt Regency Resort- San Antonio, TX

Hogg Plum Ranch Star Party - Karnes City, TX - June 2009
Debbie and Keith Looking for Saturn
My 16" Lightbrigde at Hogg Plum Star Party
Lightbridge HDR

Garner State Park- Lakey, Texas - June 2009
the guys
Rick sights the moon
Rick and I talk

Rolling Oaks Mall (San Antonio) - X on the Moon- Sidewalk Astronomy- June 2009
Rolling Oaks Mall Sidewalk Astronomy
ah..sidewalk astronomy
Don manning the LX90

July 4th - Family Star Party - San Antonio- With Celestron IYA2009 Edition Firstscope
4th of July Star Party

July 20, 2009- Amazing Skies at Witte Museum:
Telescopes on Display

Telescope Focus

Night Sky Network Telescope Kit

Young Solar Observer

McDonald Observatory Late July 2009- My wife and I volunteered to help for a few days with public star parties. We also got to tour all the scopes at night!
Public Star Party at McDonald

AlpineTrip2009_day3 223

McDonald Observatory

Public Star Party at McDonald

SAAA at McDonald

Milky Way

McDonald Observatory Star Party

Our Honda with Hobby-Eberly Telescope

Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET)

Tina in the Drivers seat of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope:
Tina in Astronomer's Seat at Hobby-Eberly Telescope

Me in the driver seat of the 107"
AlpineTrip2009_day3 041

Private tour of HET with UT Austin Students at 2 A.M.
Private Tour - Hobby-Eberly Telescope

Gardens By Moonlight - San Antonio Botanical Garden Event- 2009
Botanical Garden Star Party

Botanical Garden Star Party

Eldorado Star Party 2009:
A light Cup: ESP2009
Celestron First Scope at Eldorado Star Party 2009
Rick A. and Robert Reeves at my camp site: ESP2009
Rick Allnut and Robert Reeves
Me at ESP2009:
Cheezy Self Portait
Blackie at ESP2009:
Blackie at ESP2009