Monday, November 22, 2010

McAllister Park with San Antonio Astronomical Assocaition- Nov. 17, 2010

The weather was cooperating rather nicely this week for observing so I headed over to McAllister Park with my “Big Red” dobsonian

I sat up next to John K. and Bill B. Keith arrived a short time later with this 12”. Before dark we were already looking at the Moon and Jupiter. I noticed a shadow transitioning across the face of Jupiter and John K. confirmed this with his Explore Scientific Refractor.

I spent a good time looking and the Moon and this night I really enjoyed looking at the crater Gassendi which is on the edge of Mare Humorum, Clavius and Tycho were included with the usual features I observe when I can. I’d like to thank John and Bill for offering a lunar filter to me which made viewing way more pleasurable.

After looking at the Moon I when back to looking at Jupiter and we saw the moon that was transitioning in front of Jupiter now as a little bump on the edge of Jupiter. I checked in to every so often to look at the Moon and Jupiter and saw it move away from the face of Jupiter little by little.

I also decided to challenge myself to search for the Veil Nebula… and I knew the chances were slim and I was unsuccessful. I was not surprised that I couldn’t see it…I would have been surprised if I did see it! Perhaps I’ll try again from McAllister Park to see if on a moonless night.