Saturday, February 27, 2010

Solar Max Series 4 of 4 (Last Video)

We have come to the last day of the Solar Max Video Series on my blog and I hope you have enjoyed it. On this video you'll learn more about the 4 satellite fleet that was mentioned at the end of video 3.

In 2001, SoHo became a useless space junk and this video will take you through the drama of it. Despite being frozen solid for three months it was revived. As you enjoy these amazing images in the video remember they are REAL and not computer generated.

Travel around the world on this video to learn about the cultural importance of the sun.

I really liked the Solar Plane in the video that I've seen before. I really feel that we humans have only begun to tap into the energy of the sun. Studying and learning more about the sun will hopefully lead to cleaner energy.

As with videos 2 and 3 you'll have to click the link and go to YouTube to view the next video in the series: Solar Max video 4 of 4... enjoy!

Next Solar Max info from TelLieVision1 on Youtube:
The last solar maximum was in 2001, and the next one has been predicted for Dikpati's forecast puts Solar Max at 2012. On March 10, 2006 NASA researchers announced that the next cycle would be the strongest since the historic maximum in 1859 in which the northern lights could be seen as far south as Rome, approximately 42° north of the equator. This projection was based on research done by Mausumi Dikpati of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and David Hathaway of the National Space Science & Technology Center (NSSTC). As of May 2009, NOAA predicts the Solar maximum for cycle 24 will be below average.