Friday, February 26, 2010

Solar Max Series 3 of 4

I truly hope you have enjoyed the last two videos in this four part series.

The video that I'm linking to today takes an in depth look at SoHo and the Trace satellite.

As we approach solar maximum it is interesting to consider our reliance on the satellite network and the impact the next solar maximum will have on this network. We have had 2,000 more satellites launched in space since the last solar maximum. This video will also explore the varying solar cycles and the impact they have.

On this video it is interesting about the to hear the singing of the Sun!??!! (A possible up coming blog about that... I'm interested in learning more).

As with the last video I can't post this one into my blog so you will have to go to the YouTube site to watch this excellent video. Link to Solar Max Video 3 of 4

Come back and post a comment about what a you think about the possibility of a super-flare hitting us and what such a super-flare would do to the ozone and the satellite network and society as we know it.