Friday, September 25, 2009

Making Binocular Lens Caps

What you will need:
Your Binoculars
Duck Tape (I used crome like Duct Tape)
Masking Tape
Ruler/Straight Edge
Spiral Notebook back.

1. Get your binoculars.

#2. Lay ends of surface you wish to cap on notebook backing. Then, trace surface on to backing with pen or pencil.

#3. Cut out circles that you created in step 2.

#4. Measure the depth you wish your caps' side should be. Then use a ruler/straight edge and make strips using those measurements. You need to have a long strip so it will fit around the lens (plus additional overlap).

#5. Cut out previously made strip and place around edge of capped area (the lens you are making the cap for). Use masking tape to tape adjusted size. You want it snug but lose so you can take it off easily. Tape both the inside and outside of the circular shape you create.

#6. Place the round piece over the lens while you have your edge piece. Then use masking tape to "mask" up the lens cap. I used masking tape because it was much easier to work with than duck tape.

#7. Now cover the whole thing with duck tape while it is on your lens.

#8. Take off cap once it is totally covered.

#9. Trim off excess tape to clean things up.

#10. You're Done!!!!!!