Sunday, August 15, 2010

First light for a friend

Saturday evening a few friends gathered at Falcone Park to do some observing. Eric posted on the yahoo group that he'd be out and "company would be nice". Anne, Tina, Stephanie, Randy and Randy's dog Max enjoyed the night sky. It was nice but a little windy at times.

Anne was busy taking photos with her Canon G7. Tina sat and chatted with Randy's girlfriend Stephanie while watching the stars. Eric used his 10" SCT and video setup to show everyone various objects. Max laid on the grass while I helped Randy use his 10" dobsonian. this was Randy's first light with the Orion Dobsonian. I sat up my 20x80 binoculars and looked at the moon.

Randy toured the heavens and hit the following targets: Moon, Saturn, Mars, Venus, M7, Butterfly Cluster, m57 "the ring", Jupiter, and M31.

I think Randy had a great first light! Congrats!