Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chistmas Shopping.... Buying a Telescope (First In Shopping Series)

Happy Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is black Friday. Here is a video that I found about buying your first telescope.... now know I don't agree with this stance of Go-To's to me it is far faster to use a dobsonian style telescope... yes I had to learn the night sky... but why own a telescope if you don't want to LEARN something. I would avoid telescopes at department stores.. instead look at the sites listed below the video:

Good places to shop:

Don't get caught up in magnification power... that is useless in astronomy... it is all about the light gathering ability. Bigger is better, the bigger the main lens or mirror the better.

Next blog about staring out in astronomy/Buying a telescope will be tomorrow and it has way better advice than the video you just watched so come on back.