Monday, August 10, 2009

New Tool for Astronomy and other purposes.

Today as I write this, you're not actually reading my writing but a transcript of my speaking. I recently purchased a Sony digital recorder it is ICD-SX700D from Sony and I got this recorder for the purpose of working on my Messier certificate from the Astronomy League.I plan to use it tomorrow night when I will be viewing the meteor shower at our dark sky location near Fredericksburg, Texas.

I'm speaking this blog into the recorder and I'm using some software I'm called "Dragon voice recognition", or something like that, to convert my speech into text so this is kind of trial and error.

I decided to get a recorder that can do this because it would be valuable when I'm submitting information to the Astronomy League and also as as an educator I plan to use this in the classroom for students and also just for him collecting data on my special needs population in my class. So it's really has two purposes.

I can do note taking out at the telescope and not have to worry about pens and pencils, which often freezes up cold-weather/hot weather. I don't have to juggle a flashlight and clipboard at same time so it can be really helpful. I'm testing out the speech to text recognition now and hopefully it goes well.

(It was about 80% correct... not bad for the first time.)