Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nebulas in the eye.

To start off my vision is blurry as I write this. So last Saturday I drove to Karnes City, TX to a star party with the San Antonio Astronomical Association. While driving I noticed some black dot floating around in my eye. I wasn't too concerned as I thought I might just have a speck of dust or something on the outside of my eye. But eventually I realized that the dot wasn't going away. So the next day I googled it and found out that it seems to be a fairly common thing, but get it checked out to make sure it isn't more serious. So Monday I made an appointment and today I went in and everything is normal. Apparently this happens as we get older. I'm only 24 so I didn't expect it.

As I write this my eyes are still all weird from the exam, but I'm looking forward to this evening at McAllister Park. I'm taking my 16" dobsonian out for a spin at McAllister Park to try ou the new Finderscope I added last night (Meade 8x50). I kept the original red dot finder on there for now eventually I'll add a Telrad base I really like the Telrad better. I have one already but would like another so I don't have to be rejusting each time. I currently have the Telrad mounted on my Coulter Optical 10.1"